The Supply Chain Open Education Academy’s courses are accredited. We are an approved Qualifi Accredited Centre.

We accredit our courses because we believe that unless we test learners to find out if they have achieved their learning objectives, we cannot guarantee that our courses will be useful to them. In addition, all the logistics, supply chain and transportation companies we work with have told us that they want qualified people to work for them.

Assessment is a key component of learning because it helps people learn. When learners are able to see how they are doing on a course, they are able to determine whether or not they understand course material. Assessment can also help motivate learners. Assessment also helps the staff of the Supply Chain Open Education Academy. Frequent assessment allows us to see if our course material and teaching has been effective. Assessment also allows us to ensure learners learn what they need to know in order to meet the course’s learning objectives.

All our assessment tasks are designed to be relevant to the real-world operation of logistics businesses. Many of the tasks involve learners working together in small groups (either online or face-to-face), as they have to do in workplace situations. Our assessment tasks are also progressive, building on the previous one, and they can all be completed on-line.  We do not suddenly confront learners with the requirement to write a long essay!

The Advantages of working with Qualifi

Qualifi is a modern awarding organisation founded to meet the developing education and training needs of learners and employers from the UK and internationally. It meets the growing demand for consistent and credible academic qualifications and awards, especially in fast-paced industry sectors like logistics. Qualifi is an Ofqual recognized awarding organization.

As an approved Qualifi Accredited Centre we are able work in close partnership with over 30 UK universities to help our learners progress to other courses, click here for more information.  In addition, our qualifications are recognised internationally.

Learners that have successfully passed the assessments embedded in our courses, are able to use their accredited learning to progress, as follows:

  • Level 2 and 3 qualifications: can progress to the first year of a university degree
  • Level 4 qualifications: can progress to the second year of a British honours degree in relevant subjects
  • Level 5 qualifications: can progress to the final year (top up) of an honours degree at over 30 universities in the UK
  • Level 6 qualifications: can progress to a Masters degree or Postgraduate Diploma
  • Level 7 qualifications: can progress to the final stage of Masters qualifications, such as MBA and MSc degrees

The fact our courses are accredited means that learners in HM Forces are able to use their Learning Credits to help fund their studies.